Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!!!! Weekend Rewind

HOORAAAYYY!!! It's finally here! Spring! No more snow! YAY! YAY! YAY!! I live on the East Coast and well since you all know of all the snow that we got this winter you can see why I am so excited that its gone for a while!

I decided that since I am really new to blogging I would do a Weekend Rewind. This weekend was a little different for me. My hubby and his BFF decided that they were going to go on their Yearly Road Trip. So, that meant that I was going to be stuck here in Slower Lower Delaware while he was having a good time. Well, Its really not alll that bad but it started out that way.

I spent most of my night thursday helping him pack. ( he is a man and will forget his head if I don't say so lol) So, we didn't finally get to bed til after 2 am and had to get up at 4:30 so, no sleep for me.

After finally saying Hasta La Bye-Bye to the love of my life, it was time to get the kids up and ready for the bus and off to school. Having done that I looked at my clock and it was only 8:05am. I decided that I sshould attempt to take a nap cause I had'nt slept and well it would be good idea so I did'nt get cranky and kill someone. No such luck. So, after 2 hrs of everyone and their grandma calling me I decided that I was going to go shopping. Hubby is away, kids in school no one to bug me saying I'm taking too long good idea right? Well HELL YEAH GOOD IDEA!

SO, even tho it was pouring buckets I decided to make the trek in hubby's truck. ( side note, Its a POS he's got my new truck on the trip and I have the one that does'nt like reverse) SO, off I go. My first stop was Cato Fashions. They were having a sale. I never go in this store because I am a 30/32 and they only go up to a 26/28 and those are cut really small.

But, I was feeling good and decided maybe I would just find some cute accessories. After checking thru the sale racks I found an adorable light weight yellow sweater. It was a 26/28 but it was kinda long and stretchy and only $11.00 so I thought I would give it a try. AND IT FIT!!! YAAAYYY! Bad day just got better!

I didn't find much else. I would have been broke If I had been a 14/16 but alas, I am not so I headed to the accessories. JACK POT!!! It was accessories galore in there. And most on clearance. Since I was purchasing the yellow sweater I really wanted to find something that would POP off that color. Unable to decide on about 6 choices in my hand. I looked around for a second opinion and couldn't find anyone. I called my BFF Diva Yoli from Diva Deep in Thought I asked her what to go with yellow. She suggested Blue which was my color of choice. So having confrimed I set off to check out.

Bag in hand I headed over to Walmart for some more retail theropy. I decided on the way there that Hair Highlights were in order for the weekend! So I went to the beauty section and found what I was looking for. ( side note #2: My hair is extremely thick and costs me a fortune to go to the salon so, with the help of my Diva Momma we have perfected the DIY Hair Coloring Techniqes) with my plan in tact I checked out went to lunch and headed home.

here are some pics of the out come. I was heading out Thrifting with my Momma so thought that I would have a super cute day! So here goes !

Sweater: Cato
Accessories: Cato
Jeans: Avenue ( not pictured)
Makeup: LA Looks Spring colors/ Hard Candy base and Powder/ Colossal Lash Mascera and Black Eyeliner

( this was before Highlights)

Highlights: Loreal Frost and Design: Pecan

Due to technical difficulties I will post a pic of the finished result later.

I hope you all had a great weekend!!!!
<3 Kissy, Kissy<3