Monday, April 12, 2010

Butterflies, Ladybugs and Blossoms Oh My !

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! It was so gorgeous out this weekened that I was feeling a bit inspired today. I was taking down all my easter decorations. And realized that I had NOTHING to put on my front door. As it is bright white it can tend to look really drab so I usually hang a wreath or someting on it. But since its not a holiday anytime soon I really didn't have anything. SO, < enter lightbulb ding here> I decided that I would get one while out running errands.

I went to Walmart first. They ofcourse had nothing, as they have taken out their craft department. And no longer had any kind of spring decorations unless they were garden statues. So, I then trolloped over to our local Roses. Its kinda like a cheapy department store that is not really a Family Dollar but not a Dollar Tree either.

Well upon entering there, I was completely lost. They had changed everything around. So I finally found their floral/ decorations department and they had the ugliest pathetic wreath in there. It, I swear had 4 flowers on it. And it was $20.00 Seriously!?

SO, feeling discouraged I headed into Hallmark to check on some Yankee Candles and see if they had anyhting. Yea they did, however $39.50 for a 7" green wreath was not in my budget. Especially since I am on a No Spending Challenge this month. Feeling sad now that I have nothing for my door. I realize that I have a gift card for $10.00 for the Dollar Tree that I won. YIPPEE!!!!! Here I go! I will just Make My Own!!! Why didn't I think of this before!

With my new mission ahead of me. I set off to the Dollar Tree.  I was not disappointed. I immediately found a  10inch Wicker Wreath $1.oo YAY! Then I saw these adorable flower bunches with Little Butterflies in them! OMG TOO CUTE!!! MUST HAVES!!! I grabbed 4 bunches! Grabbed some daisies and some greenery and was on my way! Grand total $7.00 

Feeling inspired. I get home and start making my new front door decoration. Upon finishing it. I realized it was missing something... But what ?? Then I saw that I had some left over Ladybugs from another project and I thought CUTENESS!!!! So I glued one on.

But something was still amiss... MORE LADYBUGS!!! :) So here is my finished project. All I did really was but the blooms off the big stems and add a little school glue and just stick them around and add the butterflies in and glue the ladybugs to the leaves. Let me know what you think! :)

Have a great Day!!

Kissy, Kissy

Work In Progress

Still needs something ??

Finished Project