Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bare Naked Divas Campaign!

Hello Everyone! Happy Wednesday!!!

First of all let me say thank you to all of you who showed me love via the Diva Spotlight on . DivaInDeepThought. I appreciate it and really thank you all. It meant alot.

While reading that blog I realized something. Queen Diva and I have been BFF's since 2000, and she has only ONCE seen me with out ANY makeup on! < gasp> and she still has her eyesight lol That in itself is amazing! However, that made me think. I never go anywhere with out atleast mascera on.

Having said that, I am a firm believer of " be comfortable in the skin you are in". That means you need to be comfortable with you in EVERY way. Even with out Makeup.

So I googled and I found that this seems to be an up and coming trend. While I am in no way ready to turn in my makeup bag for an Au Natural look. I do think that we need to be happy with ourselves with out all of our "enhancements". And some Stars have been brave enough to have themselves photographed with out makeup and witout being Photoshopped. BRAVERY at its finest ladies!!! SO here is what I propose. I am going to host a Bare Naked Diva's Spotlight! I will go first so that you can see what I mean. But I would LOVE it if you all would send me a picutre of yourself Au Natural. No makeup, No no mascera no nothing! just you and your gorgous faces!! :) ( Don't worry you dont have to be naked, just your face :) )

You can email me your pics, please include your name, and something wonderful about yourself :) I know that its scarry, but we are all truly BEAUTIFUL DIVAS! and even tho we adore our little ( or not so little in some cases) Make up bags, We are gorgous with out it.

I also encourage you to follow Queen Diva @DivaInDeepThought and sign up for a place in the Diva Spotlight. All you will need to do is, email Queen Diva and be sure to include a few pics of you with your " look" In DETAIL, include what products you use, and how you apply it for your " look".

I am hoping you will join me in this, and be comfortable in the skin you are in. for you are all truly beautiful inside and out :)

Here are some pics of celebs with out their makeup on :)


Kelly Rippa, Eva Longoria Parker, Courtney Cox Arquette
Jessica Simpson
Joy Bryant

Kim Kardashian

Sadie Frost

Kissy, kissy