Monday, March 29, 2010

The " OMG! Save For A Rainy Day April Challenge!!"

** Sings** April Showers Bring May Flowers** As we all know April is supposed to be the rainiest month of the year. So My BFF Diva Yoli at DivaInDeepThought had a wonderful idea. We are going to have a Save for a Rainy Day April Challenge. We could all use to save some money in this dreadful economy. And I for one know that once the weather gets warm I want all new pretty things to shake the Winter Blues.

The rules are simple, all we have to do is follow them right ?? Lol Oh come on We can do this after all its only 30 measly days, Right < cringe>

OK, so here are the rules :

1.No unnecessary purchases... PERIOD!

2.No clothes, shoes, or makeup for myself (however can accept gifts from others).

3.No clothes or shoes for kids or Hubby unless it’s a necessity (i.e. – the only pair of shoes don't fit or are lost and a new pair is needed.). Not having clean clothes to wear is not an acceptable excuse to purchase new – laundry must be done.

4.Only clothes that explicitly state “Dry Clean Only” on the care tag should be taken to the dry cleaner. All other clothing should be done in regular washing machines.

5.Sales are not an acceptable reasons to buy, if I miss a sale... oh well.< gasp!>

6.Cannot go to any retailer alone – needs a chaperone.

7.Nail fill( or manicure) (no designs), and one pedicure.

8.Limit eating out with the family as much as possible.
Sounds pretty simple right? Oh and on May1st you are absolutely not allowed to have a Store-Gasm and spend all the money you have saved lol!
I am also issuing a side challenge...
Pick a bank, bucket or cup for the month of April put all the change that you accumulate into this cup. At the end of the month count it up. You would be suprised how much change you get everytime you break a dollar!!
So, are you in? ;)