Friday, April 30, 2010

Going Plumb Crazy!!!/ End of the Rainy Day April Savings Challenge

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!

I don't know about you but Whew! April was TOUGH! With the pollen being out of control and the weather not making up its mind I am sure ready for MAY!!!

So, How did everyone do with the Rainy Day April Shower's Challenge? I know it was really tough for me.  I had my son's 12th birthday this month and mine & hubby's 8 year anniversary. Kinda hard when you arent supposed to be spending money lol

I am going to go cash in my spare change bucket today. My reward to myself ... CABLE AND HIGH SPEED INTERNET!!! ( and the peasent's rejoice!!! )

As an effort to cut back on our monthly bills we gave that up almost 2 years ago. AND boy has it been missed! Wireless isnt all its cracked up to be when you are in a dead zone!

So, Since I was such a good girl I treated myself to some new highlights in my effort to go back to my Blonde self and we are reinstalling cable and interenet to the house!

Let me know how you did :)

Ok so as I said before I went back to being a blonde. My reasoning for this is as such: I am 34 years old and I am almost 85% gray. I know its sooooo sad! But its genetic thanks to my sperm donor( my bio dad, I couldnt get the tall skinny genes right ?  GRRR ) OK so Its easier for me to be blonde because it blends in with the gray alot better because they when colored or highlighted become lighter blonde. which is a win- win for me. So here are some pics !

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Kissy, Kissy