Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April! OMG!

Happy April Everyone!

So My BFF Diva Yoli over at DivaInDeepThought decided that for the month of April she would challenge her followers to not spend anything unnecessary. So, no Spring Shopping Spree's. I thought this would be an excellent idea since well I have been going a little crazy with the spending here lately. 

So, If you are interested, come join us. The rules are pretty simple. I am also issuing a side challenge for everyone to save all their change for the month of April. Every time you break a bill the change goes in a bucket. On April 30, count it up and let me know how much you save. It might be enough to get you something super cute !

Good Luck and let me know if you are gonna try it with us ! :)

Here are the rules again:
1.No unnecessary purchases... PERIOD.

2.No clothes, shoes, or makeup for myself (however can accept gifts from others).

3.No clothes or shoes for kids or Miguel unless it’s a necessity (i.e. – the only pair of shoes don't fit or are lost and a new pair is needed.). Not having clean clothes to wear is not an acceptable excuse to purchase new – laundry must be done.

4.Only clothes that explicitly state “Dry Clean Only” on the care tag should be taken to the dry cleaner. All other clothing should be done in regular washing machines.

5.Sales are not an acceptable reasons to buy, if I miss a sale... oh well. 6.Cannot go to any retailer alone – need a chaperone.

7.Nail fill (no designs), and one pedicure. (or limit your manicures)

8.Limit eating out with the family as much as possible.

Sounds pretty simple right? Oh and on May1st you are absolutely not allowed to have a Store-Gasm and spend all the money you have saved lol!