Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Passover!!!

I guess I should explain something about me.Ok so here's the short version.  I am mostly Irish, however my Grandfather was jewish and I was raised that way most of my life. But, I come from a well rounded family and we celebrated everything. Passover/ Easter, Chanukkah/ Christmas it wasd really awesome and helped me to learn to accept everyone's beliefs and to respect people for what they believe and to learn about it before we made judgements about them for not being " normal".

So, since today is Passover, I thought that I would take the time to wish everyone a Happy Passover.

It was one of my favorite of all of the Jewish Holidays. I loved spending time with my Poppy and helping my Granny prepair the Seder. I, being the youngest had the job of asking the 4 questions during the Seder and was always a little nervous because It was my " special job" .

But, I am a little sad today because since I lost my Poppy in March, 2007 we have not had a Seder. It has been too hard for my Granny and isn't the same since hes gone. So, Today I am remembering all the wonderful memories of Passover's past.

I hope that no matter what you celebrate that you have a wonderful time and you make special memories with your families. Trust me when I say that they will be a comfort to you in the future.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me be a little sentamental today.

Shalom & L’chaim My Friends! 
( means Peace and good health) <3 Kissy, Kissy<3