Monday, April 5, 2010

Online Window Shopping!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today has been kinda all over the place. I have been doing laundry for... EVER and decided that I would take a break and check mail. Upon which time I got an email from my BFF Queen Diva Yoli. She knows that we are on a spending freeze for the month of April, yet because she loves me in some sick twisted way she torments me with an Email Wish List from Torrid. < UGH THE PAIN!!> So, like a good friend I look. Oh the cuteness she has found. AND ON SALE!!! < Hurry someone hide my wallet> So, since I have read this email I now feel the need to go and do some Online Window Shopping ( OWS).

 So like Columbus I set out in search of new worlds in Big Girl Fashion. Because, < enter soap box here> I have long felt that society thinks that just because we are women AND men of size that we need to look like we came off a retirement farm in Florida where Omar the Tent Maker has so disgustingly draped us in whatever large piece of unflattering fabric he has laying around. WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS! ( raises fist in the air !) WE are BEAUTIFUL People and We should not have to be Trendy outcasts for the lack luster options that we are given by people who think that they are doing us a favor by putting that crap on racks for us to choose from when there is nothing else. ok, I'm done ( for the moment) < remove soap box here >

SO, Oh Happy Day! I found some wonderful sites for you all to check out. I so cannot WAIT til April is over! cause CHA CHING!!!! It's gonna be ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!! ( in moderation of course) but the first item up for my reward to myself is going to be this lovely number from :

OMG sooo cute!! and it comes in a 6X!!!!!! How awesome is that ! They had so much stuff I was ohhing and aahhhing all day! And Clearance ! Glorious Clearance! Check it out !

Next was They have Trendy " club" clothes for the Big Girl. Super Sexy! Makes ya wanna get all dolled up and go dancing! Oh and BONUS! Free Shipping on orders over $75!!!  Check them out too!

And last but not least The Adorable Outfits at They even have a boutique in long Island. So if you are ever up that way you can check them out !

Well Happy OWS! Let me know if you order anything and send me pics of you in our finds and I will post them on the blog !

 " You cannot have too many gowns any more than you can have too many invitations to parties to wear them." ~ Miss Piggy

Have a wonderful Monday!!
 Kissy, Kissy